Thursday, July 28, 2011

Top 8 favorite LA desserts

I have been up to A LOT of dessert tasting lately thanks to my new partner in crime/Publicist Viva LA Foodies, and I wanted to share my 8 favs with you! Yes, Top 8 just like Myspace...Things got real cut throat putting this list together, don't want to piss off any of my new fabulous & talented
chef friends!

My Top 8!

1. Blueberry Crisp- Mar 'Sel in Terrenea-Palos Verdes, CA
I am truly addicted to this dessert, thx Chef Fiorelli! Light flakey crust, filled with fresh juicy blueberries and a crunchy brown sugar oat topping. The vanilla bean ice cream & buttery caramel sauce served with it made each bite pure heaven! Set a record this one, finished it in just under 3 myself! :)

2. Almond Tart- Blvd 16 in Palomar Hotel-Westwood, CA
Loved the buttery crust, reminded me of a cakey sugar cookie w/a hint of lemon. Loved the texture from the thinly sliced almonds and almonds on top! One of my all time fav desserts!

3. Lava Cake- Ma' Kai Santa Monica, CA
I am ending the "Best Lava Cake" debate here! Ma' Kai hands down has the best lava cake I have ever had, and I have tried them all! Rich chocolatey, fudgey cake filled w/more chocolatey surprise goodness! Served warm w/vanilla bean ice cream, chocolate & raspberry sauce.

4. Mud Pie-Blue Water Grill Redondo Beach, CA
The best ever oreo crust piled high w/scoops of coffee ice cream, chocolate & caramel sauce topped w/almonds, toffee, and fresh whipped cream.

5. Churros-Fred's Mexican Cafe-Huntington Beach, CA
Homemade churros!! Crunchy cinnamon sugar churros w/a warm soft them!

6. Root Beer Float-Fred 62's Los Feliz, CA
The most giant root beer float you will ever see! At least 5 scoops of vanilla bean ice cream w/spicy root beer!

7. Chocolate Dipped Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich- Manhattan Beach Creamery, Manhattan Beach, CA
Not sure how to break this news but, this ice cream sandwich is better than Diddy Reece! Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies w/vanilla ice cream & dipped in milk chocolate...they have their recipes down!

8. Red Velvet Cake-Staples Center Los Angeles, CA
The first red velvet cake I have ever had...3 layers of red velvet cake, vanilla cream cheese frosting & topped w/non pareil chocolate candies. The crunch from the candies change this southern treat into something truly decadent!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Red Velvet Stef is in the house!

Hi friends, Red Velvet Stef here! It's been a good 8 months since I have been able to reach out and talk to my fans! I hope everyone is doing fantastic, and I am so excited to share with all of you what has been going on in my life. I have received tons of emails, FB messages and tweets asking, "What happened to Red Velvet Stefanie?" To make it short & sweet, my lovely business partner and I decided to go our separate ways in November 2010, but now I am back & better than ever! I have had the most interesting 8 months of my life, traveled, made new friends, enjoyed life, soul searched and truly got to know myself and what I want to do with my life. The goal of this blog, is to share with you the "fall" of Red Velvet Stef (it's actually all quite hilarious, didn't realize my life was such a comedy), how I picked myself back up and moved forward and now, all of the things that I am enjoying most in life. I am currently moving forward with a new and exciting baking niche, working as a Marketing & Catering Manager, taking hosting classes, DJ classes and doing restaurant reviews. I am your classic case of ADHD in one little fun blonde package, so if you need a cupcake baking host/DJ/food critic, holler at your girl! Looking forward to sharing all of my fun adventures with you soon and of course, some fabulous recipes here and there!

xo Red Velvet Stef